Many Club Members are probably not aware of how the foundations of the Club were laid back in 


The following people are owed a debt of gratitude as it was their foresight and financial resources that laid the ground work for the acquisition of the Club premises at Wattle Grove.

It was their initiative and determination that resulted in the formation of the Club and the laying of the path for others to follow.

To our Founding Members, and all those who have followed, our sincerest appreciations.

Founding Members


Camillo Baffile

Camillo Persichitti

Casimiro Caniglia

Alfredo Porrega

Vincenzo Ciccarelli (Deceased)

Giovanni Rinaldi

Domenic De Filipis

Giovanni Stefanelli

Antonio Di Cino

Michele Stefanelli (Deceased)

Giovanni Di Prinzio

Pasquale Stefanelli (Deceased)

Casimiro Fini (Deceased)

Carmine Vicentini

Tony Fini

Donato Zinni

Enzo lustini

Sebastiano Zinni

Nicola Neri (Deceased)

Carmine Ranalli